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Residential Wind Power

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Residential wind power - imagine having a home windmill lazily turning as
wind steadily blows across your property. How much money could you save
each year if you could reduce your dependency on utility companies for your
home energy needs by generating some of your own electricity?

If you are like most people, the thought of becoming less dependent on others
for your energy needs is appealing, and has probably crossed your mind a time
or two. The good news is that
residential wind turbines, windmills and small
wind power systems are becoming more affordable and many are already
reaping the benefits of generating their own electricity.

As oil prices have reached record highs in recent years, much interest and
attention has been directed toward wind energy. In the last decade, much
research and development has been put into wind turbine technology that now
benefits all. Wind energy is the world's fastest-growing energy source, and will
power industry, businesses and homes for many years to come. Start learning
now how you can use wind power or wind energy to provide for many of your
residential power needs.
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