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Building Your Own Wind Turbine is Nowhere Near As Hard As it Sounds!
By JT B. Abney

So a few months ago I announced to my friends and family that I was going to
build a wind turbine. Seeing as how I've never been very handy yet can be
quite tenacious, there were mixed predictions on my success. Truth be told it is
not that hard to build a wind turbine on your own with the proper instruction
manual and I'm not alone in being a homeowner who is sick and tired of paying
the utility companies rising fees to the point of taking action. Renewable energy
systems, like wind generators and solar panels, are now much more attainable
and affordable than they used to be. It's certainly not a 2-hour job to throw one
of these together but with the proper instructions, and a good dose of tenacity,
you can be assembling your own wind turbine pretty quickly.

I certainly wouldn't recommend undertaking a project like this without a
guidebook. And for anyone that has worked on a project with the help of an
instruction book before, you know that all guidebooks are not created equal.
Whatever you do, do not shop based on price alone. Look for value but also for
something that is easy understand, preferably with a lot of illustrations. There
are also tons of internet forums and online resources that can aid in your quest
to build your own wind turbine.

Wind generators are made up of four basic parts that should help you to get
acquainted with their make-up. These are the batteries, the towers, the turbines
and the tail/propeller assembly. The tools that you should have on hand for
your project are fairly basic and you may not need to purchase anything
special. Make sure you have wrenches, a drill and a saw for starters.
Depending on what type of project you chose, you may need additional tools
but I'd hold off until you take a good read through your instruction book before
making any purchases.

One thing that you probably won't be building from scratch, thus will be
purchasing, is the motor. Motors on wind turbines require very little
maintenance so that should not be a huge concern. Expect to do some oiling
and follow the manufacturer's directions and you will have a more efficient
running machine. Space is a concern as well. If you haven't done so already
(this is one of the first things I did), take a walk outside and think about 1)
where you're going to build this thing, ie- work space, and 2) where you're
going to set it up. Depending on how much electricity you're looking to
generate, your turbine blades can get up to 8 feet in diameter.

In the end, I put the naysayers in the their place and built my own wind turbine.
It's not that difficult if you can follow directions and the whole thing pays for itself
very quickly because I am now generating my own electricity. How cool is that?
Pun intended. Building wind turbines and solar panels is becoming very popular
these days and there are some great products on the market to help
consumers do just that - affordably.

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