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The Future of Wind Energy in America
By Guy Williams

Man has long used the power of the wind to propel ships, pump water, and
power gristmills for grinding grains. Now this abundant and free natural energy
is being put to another use, producing electricity.

Green energy from the sun and wind are free, renewable energy sources that
are being explored as alternative energy sources all over the world. But one
small town in the United States actually runs entirely off of wind power.

Rural Rock Port, Missouri uses 4 wind turbines to produce all of the city's
electrical power. The turbines now power every computer, every appliance and
every light in town, even the only traffic light on Main Street, making this city of
1,300 the first and only in the nation to run completely on wind power.

The wind turbines are projected to produce 16 million kilowatt hours of
electricity every year, which is actually 3 million kilowatt hours more than the city
expects to need.

The company that contracted with the city to build and install the turbines
expect that the electrical output they provide will be enough to keep the
electricity bills for every home and business in town at the current level for 25

The local landowners who lease the land the windmills are located on are
happy for more than just the reduction in their power bills. Land owners are
paid anywhere from $3,000 to $5,000 a year for the half acre of property
surrounding each turbine. That is more than they could earn growing soybeans
or corn.

The uncertainty of energy prices has more people across the world becoming
more involved in using solar and wind power to produce electricity. In the future
we will have no other option but to make better use of our natural energy
resources. The advantages of using natural energy as a means of producing
clean and renewable energy can no longer afford to be ignored.

Many homeowners are discovering that building a
home windmill is an excellent
way to reduce their energy costs. Clean efficient energy from the wind is being
used in more homes every year in an effort to lower electricity costs and reduce
dependence on the utility companies.

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